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Below, you will find links to current and important research in the field of Sex Offender Treatment and Management.

From The Aggression & Violent Behavior Journal (Articles from 2009 & 2010)

  • Accountability and Dignity-Ethical Issues in Forensic & Correction Practice
  • Examining the Modus Operandi of Sexual Offenders Against Children & Its Practical Implications
  • Interventions to Improve Empathy Awareness in Sexual & Violent Offenders: Conceptual, Empirical & Clinical issues
  • Sexual offending in groups: An evaluation
  • The importance of group processes in offender treatment
  • Extending the mind into the world: A new theory of cognitive distortions in sex offenders
  • Are violent people more likely to have low self-esteem or high self-esteem?
  • Mindfulness and the treatment of anger problems
  • Moderating variables of the sexual “victim to offender cycle” in males
  • The theoretical and empirical links between bullying behavior and male sexual violence perpetration
  • The pleasure is momentary…the expense damnable?: The influence of pornography on rape and sexual assault

From Sex Abuse: A Journal of Research and Treatment

  • The Treatment of Sex Offenders: Evidence, Ethics & Human Rights
  • "But I Didn't Do It!" Ethical Treatment of Sex Offenders in Denial
  • Ethical Practice in Sex Offender Assessment: Consideration of Actuarial and Polygraph Methods
  • The Ethics of Care and Treatment of Sex Offenders

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