We are a forensic mental health clinic, providing a full array of assessment, treatment, consultation, training & litigation support services to attorneys, courts and government/social service mental health agencies
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Ronald I. Weiner, PHD, LLC, was established in 2000, as a forensic mental health clinic. Our clinic provides a full array of assessment, treatment, consultation, training and litigation support services to the Washington, D.C. metro area. Polygraph Ronald I. Weiner, PHD, LLC specializes in Sex Offender Treatment services for adults and juveniles. We offer individual and group treatment services, Polygraph Services (Post Conviction Sex Offender Testing certified), Penile Plethysmograph testing and Psychosexual Risk Assessments. The design of our program is predicated upon the competent evaluation of each individual and focuses on the risks and needs of the sexual abuser. We identify factors from social history, mental status exams, and psychosocial testing which may contribute to sexual deviance. We prepare individualized treatment plans with specific recommendations regarding the intensity of intervention, specific treatment protocol needed, amenability to treatment, and the identified risk that the abuser poses to the community. Our clinic also provides treatment services for non criminal sexually compulsive disorders such as internet pornography, compulsive masturbation and other sexual addictions.

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In addition to sex offender treatment services, our clinic provides intensive treatment services for Kleptomania and Anger Management. We also provide competency evaluations and assessments for use in criminal hearings for both adults and juveniles. Additionally, we offer assessments and evaluations for use in civil proceedings.

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